Monday, October 22, 2018
Have you ever had it happen?  You know, that excited feeling  when you see that something special you just have to have? It happened to us and now the girls are in LOVE with LAFSNY.

"It's so cute!"
"It's so soft and comfortable!"

Come see what all the fuss is about...

tween girl models in LAFSNY clothing

When these outfits arrived in the mail the girls were ready to jump for joy. These great fall sets are very tween friendly. What little girl doesn't love a great pair of comfy leggings and soft girly tee?

tween girl model wearing LAFSNY top and leggings set outfit

Gracie's outfit played with one of fall's hottest prints, camouflage, and added a girly touch with roses!

tween girl model wearing top and leggings clothing

Ferry's stars and stripes are perfect for "Today's Outfit" every day of the week.

child model wearing LAFSNY lace tee shirt and leggings

Keeping her eyes on the prize, Lily's set reminds her to not look back. The adorable lace detail of this top is so great.

tween girl models in LAFSNY clothing

Visit LAFSNY to get your princess something she's sure to wear over and over again this fall.  We know you'll be in love at first sight!

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