Graffiti Gloss Girls

Monday, October 15, 2018
We are super excited about today's post. First, we got the "band" back together this past weekend and have an incredible line up for you over the next few months. Also, this first post we just know you are going to love.

The girls are here to share with you their Graffiti Gloss clothes. And it's a great range of styles. There's literally something for every personality type! Check it out...

tween girls showing off Graffiti Gloss clothing

The girls were so excited to see each other again! They are three little peas in a pod for sure. And they are looking so stylish in their Graffiti Gloss outfits. Gracie has such swag which her crushed velvet track suit showcases perfectly. Ferry is a major fashionista so her velvet jeans and light-weight cardi were perfect for her. And sweet little Lily looks so sweet in her camo sweater. 

model wearing Graffiti Gloss camo sweater

Graffiti Gloss nails comfort and style for tween girls. This camouflage sweater is right on trend for this season. 

beautiful chilc model wearing Graffiti Gloss camo sweater

Oh, my sweet little Lily Bear, how I adore the! In this pic you can see the beautiful colors Graffiti Gloss used in this top. Making it easy for younger tweens to select coordinating bottoms.

tween model wearing Graffiti Gloss velvet pants and neon cardigan

Ferry looks so chic in this ensemble. The navy skinny pants were love at first sight with it's velvety texture and silver thread stitching. The neon yellow cardigan is a great color combination with the navy ad black. It just ups the chic factor, don't you think?

beautful girl model wearing Graffiti Gloss neon yellow cardigan

Here you can see the great silver thread and texture detailing that this cardi has as well. A nice amount of sparkle for any tween girl.

girl tween model wearing Graffiti Gloss black crushed velvet track suit

Gracie is looking super fly in her crushed velvet track suit. It's super plush and the fact that it has pockets is a great bonus.

Gracie's Graffiti Gloss set is perfect for a casual day with friends and family without loosing the fashion factor.

girl models wearing Graffiti Gloss clothing

Could these girls look any cuter? Which Graffiti Gloss outfit is your favorite? Check them out now here. Get the conversation started by leaving your comment below.

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