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Monday, August 20, 2018
Grab a box of Kleenex and join me in a little sniffling... Ferry recently turned 12 and has graduated to junior clothing.

Over the summer we realized that Ferry could fit into American Eagle Outfitters 00/xxs clothing so for her birthday she asked to go shopping there. With money in her little hands off we went. There were so many cute things to ooh and ahh over and today we are sharing her very first junior outfit!

Check it out...


Along with age and clothing sizes Ferry has also grown in the things she will wear. For the longest time she would ONLY wear leggings. Then, she incorporated jeggings and skinny jeans. And NOW, if you've been following along, you have seen her add baggy bottoms to her closet. (insert harps playing here) This has been a slow process so the milestone is pretty major for us, lol.

When she selected these adorably destroyed baggy jeans I was thrilled!


If you do any amount of shopping at all you will definitely have noticed lots of lacing detail popping up on just about any and every article of clothing. And with good reason... It's soooo cute!

Ferry opted for this fun princess-seam, peplum, and knit tank that has great lace up detailing on the bodice. The grommets are an aged silver that gives the perfect amount of urban grunge.


No outfit is complete without the right bag and Ferry's leopard print bebe bag was the right look for this tween stylish look.


It would be hard to find another pair of shoes that would give more style to these girls junior denim jeans. The velvet fabric is so soft. The floral print is muted and softly colored, then finished with satin laces. Ferry LOVES these boots!


We, of course, made a quick stop in Claire's (who am I kidding, no mother EVER makes a quick stop in Claire's, lol) for the final touches to her junior ensemble. The choker is a soft suede with gold details, and she found a coordinating delicate gold bracelet.

Do any of you mothers out there have daughters that have recently moved into junior clothing? If so, what brands do you go to for your little fashionistas? Share in the comments section below.

Until next time, I hope we have given you some fashion inspirations as our girls are Growing Up Fashionable.
I'd like to give a special thanks to Grant's Trucking in Charleston, SC for allowing us to shoot at this location.

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