Me Oui

Friday, June 8, 2018
Me Oui
{pronounced "Me We"}

This post has been in the line up for a very long time and we are sooooo excited to FINALLY be sharing it with you.

Let's start with the name. I mean, how cute is Me Oui? This brand has a great back story that you can read here. Heather is an amazing person and her products are designed to inspire whimsy in little girls. We were thrilled when she reached out to us and asked us to model some of her precious and quality hand bags.

So without further delay let's see the pretties...

Emoji's are always a winning theme for tween girls. Ferry selected this adorable Me Oui Emoji Flip-Sequin Bag that entertains as well as makes a great fashion statement. ~ SMILE, she hearts you!

Gracie and Lily are rockin' their Me Oui bags! They are looking so sassy!

Check out Ferry flipping her sequins! It's so fun to watch the picture change.

Lily selected the Speech Bubble Flip-Sequin Bag to let the world know that she plays hard. And she can flip those sequins when she's ready to "Dream Big".

Ferry's playing it "cool" now.

The weather is getting hot so the girls are cooling off with a drink. Their bags are roomy enough for a little wallet and lip balm and a few other little trinkets for your girl.

Ferry can't decide so she's going with both. LOL 
BTW, did you notice the adorable polka dot lining? It's a great quality too. I'm so glad Heather went with a nice woven fabric. I'm all about quality and details.

Gracie's Black Sparkle Crossbody Bag is stylish and will easily work with most anything! And the floating stars are a great way to remind your little one that she's a rock star!

Ferry "LOVES" her Me Oui bag. She thinks it's "COOL" too.

Lily and Gracie love their Me Oui bags!

Be sure to visit Me Oui to see all of the other cute products.

Ferry- Art Class striped tee, Cat & Jack sandals and overalls, TCP glasses.
Gracie- Denim Vest from Target, Old Navy skirt, Converse high-tops
Lily- H&M dress, Target Tank, Converse high-tops

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  1. Such cute and fun accessories!


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