BE FEARLESS - How To Style Denim With Spunk!

Friday, March 2, 2018
This week our focus has been the crowning jewel of the fashion industry... DENIM! The life changing effect it has had on us deserves our homage.

Today we are here to share yet another refreshing way to add pizazz to all of that denim you have in your closet. In this post you'll discover 3 sassy tips to style your denim in a way that will inspire the witty and quirky spirit inside you.

Read on to follow Ferry's expert spunky denim styling tips.

TIP #1 - Start With The Right Canvas

Being Fearless when mixing prints is easy to do when using a classic shade of denim as your canvas.

TIP #2 - Keep It Balanced

Keep your pattern sizes and colors balanced for an expert look. Notice how Ferry's bold and colorful stripe tights are softened with the light and airy polka-dot scarf. Then she's balanced the entire look with a dark mid-sized leopard print backpack. She added a very soft shimmer in her neutral ankle boots and cat ear headband and as we were running out the door she decided to add her leopard print glasses to her ensemble.

TIP #3 - Details Matter

The details really make a difference. There are quite a few great details in this look. One detail that may be hard to see in these pics though is Ferry's cute manicure. She opted for a mid-toned pink color and accented with a sorbet orange color. (Keep an eye out for an up-coming nail post for tweens and moms alike. It's beyond the basic manicure!)

The whole look is cute, fun, polished, comfortable and a definite conversation starter. This daring outfit might sound crazy but it works.

Will you be fearless and spunky with these styling tips? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Ferry: GAP chambray dress, GAP tights, GAP ankle boots, GAP scarf, GAP headband, Target glasses, bebe backpack

Come back on Monday for our next post. It's 70's inspired. It's a look you and your daughter are both going to LOVE! (Ferry's flipping out over it, lol)


  1. Love this look!

  2. I love the fearless, spunky style you created! Looks fantastic! :)


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