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Monday, October 19, 2015
Perfectly Plaid!

Plaid is back, and Gracie and Ferry couldn’t be happier with this school girl look.  Ferry dreams of shopping in London, while Gracie dreams of pastries in Paris. So naturally, they fell in love with the London and Paris tops from Justice. The coordinating plaid skirts couldn’t be more perfect. We are definitely seeing the 70’s influence in fashion this Fall, in both color and print. This plaid trend is not only hot in clothing, but also accessories likes scarves, socks, bags, gloves, and more. You name it, it probably comes in plaid! Definitely, a must-have print to incorporate into your tween wardrobe this Fall!

What She's Wearing:
Gracie- Justice top, plaid skirt, and cabbie hat. Betsy Johnson backpack and Miss Vogue combat boots.
Ferry - Justice top, plaid skirt, and booties, target knee socks, Betsy Johnson backpack.

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