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Thursday, October 29, 2015
Hot Hat Trends

We have to say hats are right up there with boots when it comes to our favorite tween fashion accessories! Ferry and Gracie love the trend of French berets this season as well as the wide-brimmed hats resurfacing from last Fall. The girls loved having Lily along for hats and boots this week so we could show you more variety! While she's not a tween, she sure looks up to Gracie and Ferry and loves their style, too. They had so much fun picking their hats and we could see their personalities abound as soon as they put them on. Never underestimate the power of a good hat, it can change your entire look.

What she's wearing:

Ferry - BLAVERRY blouse, Old Navy skinny jeans, Justice boots, wide brim hat from Target
Gracie - Gray tunic by Juicy, Black Jeggings by Vigoss, Black Justice boots, Tan fringe boots by Links, tan wide-brimmed hat from Marshalls, Pink beret by Capelli kids NY
Lily - Target pink Leather jacket, Pink boots and cream shirt, Children's place Jeggings, Gray wide-brimmed hat by DY, Gray beret by Capelli kids NY

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A hat can shade you from the sun, but make your day a little brighter.
- Ferry
Hats just add a little personality to your outfit.
- Gracie
I like to wear hats because they are fun and flop around and sometimes they blow away like the wind.
- Lily
Your outfit all of the sudden looks complete with a hat.
- Gracie
Big floppy hats are so beachy and elegant.
- Ferry
A hat can make an outfit stand out.
- Ferry
Berets are pretty and they make me happy.  Artists even wear them when they paint.
- Lily
I love my beret because people wear them in Paris, and I love Paris.
- Gracie
Berets make you feel like Paris.
- Ferry

I love my beret because it has flowers on it, and I love flowers.  It also keeps your hair from blowing in your face on windy days.- Lily

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