Thursday, October 15, 2015
A Touch of Gold

For these tweens, there's nothing better than spending a Sunday afternoon walking around a quaint seaside town. A little touch of gold makes it all the more fun! Gold sweatpants, gold buttons, gold aviators, gold handbags...   GOLD is everywhere and we simply love it. According to, "gold in both big and small doses transcends season and the time of day. Better yet, when paired with austere hues like army green or khaki, the shades become even more brilliant." We agree! Whether you're in a casual mood or dressing it up for a day on the town, comfort and fashion go hand in hand. Throwing in a little sparkle is always a hit!

What They're Wearing:

Ferry is in Blaverry black top with gold button detail, Target gold sweatpants, Stevie by Steve Madden leopard high tops, and Betsy Johnson backpack.
Gracie is in Target leopard fur vest, J Crew kids black skirt, Target cowgirl boots, gold clutch, and aviators.

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I love leopard print, it's so fun and spunky.
- Gracie D
Wearing gold makes me feel shiny and happy.
- Ferry Archer
I love these pants because they are stylish AND comfy!
- Ferry Archer
My favorite part of this clutch is the gold bow, it's so girly!
- Gracie
I would wear this outfit to the movies or mall.
- Ferry Archer
These gold aviators fit perfectly!
- Gracie D
 Enjoying the day with one of my besties.- Ferry

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